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What’s the point in having a beautiful website, if your customers can’t find it? Well that’s the whole point of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There are certain processes and practices that you can implement into a website, to make sure that it is found by your target audience.

I try to keep SEO as clear and simple as possible for my clients. There’s a lot to understand at first, but I’ll talk you through the whole process. Most of my clients don’t realise that there’s actually a lot they can do themselves. However, if it’s not something you have the time for, I’m happy to manage the whole process.

Receiving good search results isn’t down to one single process. For example, Google ranks each website based on lots of it’s components. Such as: original content, responsiveness, loading speed, keywords, structure and back linking (to name just a few). Each component makes up a small amount of your overall ranking success. You could have a very good website, that is being let down by a few elements, which will effect it’s Google rankings.

SEO diagram

Here are some of the main elements that will effect a websites ability to rank highly in search engines.

seo freelancer diagram image

SEO Freelancer services

Here are some of the main SEO freelancer services that I offer.

Full site audit

Do you have an existing website that isn’t ranking in Google searches. I will audit your website and give you a detailed proposal of how we can work together to improve your ranking position.

Keyword research

Find out what keywords your customers are using to find your products and services. I’ll give you a full report on what keywords would be useful, if they have commercial value and what the competition is like for them.


You may have been ranking highly, just to see your website suddenly drop down from it’s ranking position. This is actually more common than you’d think! I’ll help you understand why it’s happened and plan how to rectify it.


Google likes your website content to be original, free of spam techniques and easy to read. I can give you guidance and advice on how to write Google friendly content. If you don’t like putting content together, I can do it for you!


Find out how many people visit your website, what pages they look at and how long they stay. Website analytics give you a vast amount of information. Information that you can use to improve the user experience of your website.

Payment plans

Want to spread the cost? I offer monthly payment plans for SEO implementation. Spreading the cost of improving your search engine rankings makes business sence. It also makes my services more affordable than ever!

Success stories

A few words from some happy clients.

Want to boost your websites search engine ranking?

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